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Waivers for Salt and PEMF Therapy


Breathe Salt Wellness

I agree to comply and am legally obligated to let authorities know about timing of my vaccination within and up to 8 weeks from being inoculated.  

Breathe Salt Wellness and  its affiliated companies can neither be held liable nor compliable for any future illness or similar relating negative cause health issues, symptoms of which appear post visit and clients are dutiable to disclose any relevant information regarding their health that may affect any persons visiting or working in and around Breathe Salt Wellness.

[Those who agree with our rules and regulations in our clinic are the ones that visit and are part of our treatment. It is your responsibility to review our updates and regulations on our website and although you haven't signed the updated Waiver , you agree to all our conditions at the point of purchasing our services. You agree that you have read and reviewed our updates on our website.]

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